Kola Awards

Recognizing African-and-Caribbean Professionals, Businesses & more.

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Welcome to the 2022 edition of the Kola Awards “The Best of Both Worlds” where we celebrate the best of Metro Detroit’s African & Caribbean-owned businesses, organizations, professionals, artists, community advocates & more.

It's time to nominate your favorites in each of the 10 categories below by June 30th, 2022. Stay tuned for more information on our awards ceremony on Sunday July 31st, 2022.

Voting is now open for 2022
  1. Best Community Advocate/Organization:
    Someone who has worked diligently to serve the African & Caribbean community in multiple capacities including providing information & resources necessary to advance both communities.

  2. Best Political Advocate:
    Elected official that supports policies that are representative of the African & Caribbean communities’ needs.

  3. Best Artist:
    Talented individual that has displayed skills, creativity, and character performing African and/or Caribbean music.

  4. Best Group:
    African or Caribbean group that exists to provide entertainment in a variety of areas including music & dance.

  5. Best DJ/VDJ:
    DJ/VDJ committed to highlighting the best of African & Caribbean music,

  6. Best Educator:
    An individual who works diligently to ensure both communities have access to quality education & necessary resources.

  7. Best Event Host:
    Individual or Organization that consistently host events that promote African & Caribbean culture.

  8. Best Healthcare Professional:
    Individual of African /Caribbean descent that works diligently to enhance the health and welfare of their respective communities.

  9. Best Entrepreneur:
    Individual of African/Caribbean descent that operates a business(es) that serves his or her respective communities

  10. Best Restaurant/Food Truck:
    A local restaurant or food truck committed to providing authentic African and/or Caribbean cuisine.

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